Certificate in Professional Marketing

A CIM qualification at Level 4 builds on your tactical marketing skills enabling you to advance your marketing career and perform professionally at an operational level within your marketing department.

Who is it for?

The go to for marketing executives, or equivalent, who have had experience in the industry and are looking to advance their career. You can choose between two qualifications to suit your individual career path.

What you will learn

Applied Marketing (Mandatory) In this module, you will learn about the role of marketing in the organisation and the key concepts that underpin the activities of the marketer. You will explore the marketing environment, customer behaviour in the digital age, market research and the marketing planning process. This will include the marketing mix and a tactical planning framework to aid marketing effectiveness.

Planning Campaigns (Mandatory) This module gives you the knowledge and skills to plan and implement successful campaigns that deliver real results for an organisation. You will learn the campaign planning process including how to analyse an organisation’s current position. You will also learn how to set campaign objectives, implement a campaign then measure and evaluate its success to aid continuous improvement in the fast-changing world of marketing.

Customer Insights (Elective) Customer loyalty, the customer/user experience and customer insight are the core of achieving optimum satisfaction and retention. This module gives you an understanding of the contemporary customer’s complex needs and wants, their behaviour as consumers and how this sets their expectations. You will learn how to gain the insight required to understand those needs and map the journey to ultimately improve their experience.

To achieve either qualifications at Level 4, you’ll need to gain a pass in both mandatory modules and one elective module.

If you wish, you can study for one module at a time, and build up to a qualification later.

Please contact us to discuss the options open to you.

Course content

Applied Marketing (Mandatory)

Assessment: Examination

• The examination will comprise multiple-choice questions to be completed in a controlled assessment.

Learning Outcomes

Unit 1: The Marketing Concept

• Understand the contribution of marketing to the organisation (15%)
• Know what influences customer behaviour across a range of contexts (15%)

Unit 2: Analysis and Insight

• Understand the factors and trends in the marketing environment and how they affect marketing (15%)
• Know a range of options for gathering relevant marketing information (15%)

Unit 3: Marketing Mix

• Understand the application of the marketing mix within different marketing contexts (20%)
• Know how to apply and adapt the marketing mix to satisfy customer needs and business goals (20%)

Planning Campaigns (Mandatory)

Assessment: Assignment

• The assessment will require submission of an assignment based on a theme and an organisation of choice.

Learning Outcomes

Unit 1: Campaign Process

• Understand the process of planning a campaign (15%)
• Know how to undertake an internal and external situational analysis (15%)

Unit 2: Planning Campaigns in Action

• Know how to develop a successful campaign plan (30%)
• Understand how to implement a plan in practice (20%)

Unit 3: Campaign Success

• Understand the principles of monitoring a marketing campaign (10%)
• Know how to undertake a post campaign evaluation (10%)

Customer Insights (Elective)

Assessment: Assignment

• The assessment will require submission of an assignment based on a theme and an organisation of choice.

Learning Outcomes

Unit 1: Fundamentals of Customer Behaviour

• Understand the range of customer contexts in which the marketer operates (15%)
• Understand the key factors that influence customer behaviour (20%)

Unit 2: Customer Experience

• Understand the customer experience (15%)
• Know how to enhance the customer experience (15%)

Unit 3: Measuring and Monitoring

• Understand the range of research methods and metrics available to monitor customer experiences (20%)
• Know how to use and apply research approaches to gain insight and inform decision making (20%)

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